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A Simple Solution to Life Insurance for Seniors
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Obtaining life insurance for seniors can be a difficult task; however some insurance companies have special offers making it easier to acquire. With most insurance companies, there are two guiding principles towards life insurance policies. One is for those that are younger than 65 and the other for those who are older.

Until recently, insurance companies used to focus primarily on factors such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, family history, height and weight for seniors. Now they have become more open-minded on these issues to make it possible to offer low cost life insurance for senior citizens. Major insurance companies have considered a total cholesterol level of 280 for average seniors as qualified for good health in order to maintain the lowest rate class. There are a few insurance companies that will even overlook family history issues when writing policies for senior citizens.

Affordable Options for Life Insurance for Seniors
Among the other types of insurance polices, universal life is the most affordable option with life insurance for seniors. This type of policy is also called Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance as it is a more flexible type of whole life insurance.

Universal life offers flexibility to make adjustments in death benefits and premium amounts as an individual’s needs change. Furthermore, it accumulates a cash value over time based on a tax-deferred basis. This provides an added benefit for life insurance for seniors along with affordability.

A disadvantage with universal life is that there is a chance the policy could lapse if several low premium payments are made over time. Some companies do offer a no-lapse guarantee as long as the minimum payment is made. A policyholder should keep in mind, though, that paying only the minimum payment over time will not build up a sufficient amount of cash value.

Anyone looking into life insurance should always compare quotes to find the best possible rates. This is especially beneficial when it comes to finding life insurance for seniors as insurance rates are higher if you are over 65. Comparing rates provides the ability to find an affordable policy as well as great benefits. Don’t assume that you can’t obtain affordable life insurance just because you are over 65. There are reasonable solutions to provide security for your loved ones.

For about $1 a day, you could give your loved ones the security they deserve. With inexpensive life insurance, you can protect your family if something happens to you.

AccuQuote makes it possible to quickly compare the price, features, and financial strength of hundreds of life insurance products. Save up to 70% on the plan that's right for you.

* Super Preferred No Tobacco rates. Not all applicants will qualify for these premiums. Premiums are current as of 01/15/2011 and are subject to change. Premiums include policy fee and are rounded to the nearest dollar. This policy has exclusions and limitations. For costs and complete coverage details call your financial professional. All guarantees are based upon the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company who is solely responsible for obligations under its own policies. ING TermSmart, policy form series 1315-02/10, may vary by state and may not be available in all states, is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN), a member of the ING family of companies. Not available in New York. ING TermSmart*NY, policy form series 3314-02/10, not available outside of New York, is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York (Woodbury, NY), a member of the ING family of companies. Within the state of New York, only ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York is admitted and its products issued. Other than the ING companies identified, no other entities, whether distributing or listed on the material, are affiliated with the ING family of companies.

Unisex rates, which at most carriers are the same as male rates, apply in Montana.

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